The Potency of Data

“Big Data.” The concept seems to be on the minds and lips of those even remotely interested in business trends in the 21st century. And yet, as alluded to by Matthew Quint, director of Columbia University’s Center on Global Brand Leadership, the reality of Big Data is often misunderstood. During his presentation, the fourth in the five-part Transforming Architectural Practice Series, Quint presented case studies of data usage by corporations, debunked myths about data, and outlined a compelling case for the value of data collection and analysis in architectural practice.

Quint pointed out that data is all around us. It is collected by every mobile phone, appliance, and surveillance camera in the world. The Internet alone generates incalculable reams of it. In and of itself, however, this information has no practical use. It is only noteworthy once it has been parsed, organized, cross-referenced, cleaned, and securely stored. Quint suggested it is only then that data becomes Big Data that can be used to generate a better product or service. Continue reading “The Potency of Data”

On Your Mark, Get Tech, Go! Ten Trends Reveal New Opportunities in Architecture Practice

Some came to hear about the future, some came to complain about the past, everyone was excited to listen as Campbell Hyers, CEO of Control Group, presented a range of technologies, implications, processes, and opportunities at the first of five conversations that comprise this year’s “Transforming Architectural Practice” series. Hyers’ thoughtful conversation during “Emerging Technologies, Transforming Environments,” combined facts, anecdotes, product highlights, media, and movie excerpts to tell a tale of rapidly evolving products, opportunities, and expectations. Continue reading “On Your Mark, Get Tech, Go! Ten Trends Reveal New Opportunities in Architecture Practice”