09.21.09 through 09.27.09
Appetite for Design

The Moss Room 02

The Moss Room.

Lundberg Design

This exhibition on restaurant design and lecture series by chefs and designers will feature London’s The River Café, and San Francisco’s The Moss Room in the Renzo Piano-designed California Academy of Sciences.

Trespa Design Centre
62 Greene St., NYC

Through 10.09
The Deeper They Bury Me, The Louder My Voice Becomes


Benoit Pailley

This site-specific installation by Rigo 23 provides a sensory experience highlighting the confinement of a “non-space” in the museum, and challenging visitors with views that mimic those confronting over two million prisoners in the U.S., home to the world’s largest penal system.

The New Museum of Contemporary Art
235 Bowery, NYC

Through 10.12.09
Ahoy! Where Lies Henry Hudson?


Byron Bell and Les Walker, “The Magnificent Adventure of Henry Hudson”.

Alan Schindler

This outdoor exhibition celebrates the life and death of Henry Hudson as part of New York State’s Quadricentennial commemoration. Highlighting memorials on Hudson’s historic journey, featured NY-based architects include: Randy Gerner, AIA; Tobias Armborst (with Charles Warren, AIA, & Vassar College Students); Byron Bell, FAIA, and Les Walker; Matthew Bialecki, AIA / Project Team: Bialecki Architects; Matt Bua; John Cetra, AIA, and Nancy Ruddy; Solange Fabião; Nicholas Goldsmith, FAIA, and Gisela Stromeyer; Michael McDonough (with Andrew Neal); Barry Price, AIA; Todd Rader, AIA, and Amy Crews; and Evan Stoller.

Byrdcliffe Art Colony
Woodstock, NY