Woman´s March on NYC, 2017. Credit: Michael Kowalczyk ©/ Flickr.

Public Spaces, Social Movements: How Planning and Design Can Shape Public Discourse

Since the election of President Trump, New York and cities across the country have been host to a rising groundswell of protests​ in streets, parks, plazas, and other public space​s at levels unseen since the 1960s. Data collected by New Yorkers for Parks show at least 189 confirmed actions citywide between​ January​ ​​and​ ​May, totaling over half a million attendees. This renewed focus on the public realm calls into question how planners and designers can respond and engage with issues related to the civic commons.

The local NYC chapters of the American Planning Association, American Institute of Architects, and American Society of Landscape Architects are co-hosting a one-day conference to examine this timely subject, explore contemporary issues associated with the civic commons, and discuss ideas for the future of spaces for public discourse.

Public Spaces, Social Movements: How Planning and Design Can Shape Public Discourse” will take place on 09.29.17 at the Center for Architecture from 8:30am-4:30pm. The conference will encourage cross-pollination among our members as we come together to explore ideas for the future. Viewpoints and information from local advocacy groups, city management, and critical thought leaders will be shared and discussed.

Registration is now open for the early bird tickets through 09.8.17 at the member rate of $65 and general public rate of $100. Continue here for registration.

Pulse Points

  • The NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) has proposed a new rule to introduce additional fees for processing variations, pre-determinations, and appeals. Continue here to read the full proposed rule. AIANY and other industry organizations had advocated in opposition of these changes in 2016. AIANY will continue those efforts as we dialogue with DOB and our allied professionals. DOB will hold a public hearing on the proposed rule on 09.14.17 at 2:00 PM in the 3rd floor conference room at 280 Broadway.
  • Registration is open for the Hyper-Efficient Building Workshops, AIANY and Urban Green Council’s in-depth training on the design of hyper-efficient buildings and compliance with Local Law 31/32. The two-day workshops are limited to 25 participants and open to all architects, designers, engineers, and construction trade professionals. The next workshops are being held on 11.07.17 – 11.08.17 and 11.28.17 – 11.29.17 at the Center for Architecture. To learn more and register, continue here.
  • In preparation of our municipal elections this fall, AIANY, the Urban Green Council, the Real Estate Board of New York, and 32BJ SEIU have partnered on the 2017 Green Building Roadmap, which recommends critical green-energy policy for New York City.
  • The AIANY Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has released their 2017 Policy Framework. The document outlines recommended actions on local and regional issues around mobility, placemaking, sustainability, building smarter, and planning/financing.