AJAP | Les Albums des Jeunes Architectes et des Paysagistes

On View: At the Center for Architecture and About Town

Please join us on 07.02.13 at 6:00 PM for the opening of the exhibition “AJAP | Les Albums des Jeunes Architectes et des Paysagistes.”

17 teams, composed of 26 architects and 6 landscape designers under 35 years old, were proclaimed prizewinners of the 2012 session. Once again this year, a committee of experts comprised of over 100 people from the world of architecture and landscape design took the trouble to examine the 242 submissions that were received by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Low Rise High Density
Through 06.29.13

AJAP | Les Albums des Jeunes Architectes et des Paysagistes
Opening 07.02.13

Colombia Transformed / Architecture = Politics
Opening 07.11.13

Design(in) The New Heart of New York
Through 09.02.13

Through 09.07.13

Practical Utopias: Global Urbanism in Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo
Opening 10.01.13

Future of the City
Through Fall 2013

About Town

On view through 07.30.13: (l-r) Roman Khidekel, Dr. Regina Khidelkel, and Mark Khidekel at the “Floating Worlds and Future Cities” exhibition of Russian Suprematist architect Lazar Khidekel at the YIVO Institute Gallery, 15 West 16th Street.