Exhibition Announcements

Chinatown Dubai

Entrance to Chinatown Dubai.

Courtesy Storefront for Art and Architecture

Through 12.22.07

There are more than 300 Chinatowns around the world today. Many others have disappeared, and new ones are being born each year. Starting in NYC and moving east around the planet, 1,000 photographs taken by almost as many photographers is a visual tribute to the diversities and idiosyncrasies, as much as the similarities, that unite these urban communities scattered over the world. Storefront for Art and Architecture presents the exhibition in association with Chinatown Film Festival New York.

Storefront for Art and Architecture
97 Kenmare Street

Manhattan Noon

Still Life: Houston Street, 2000 to present.

Courtesy of the photographer, Gus Powell

Through 03.15.08
Manhattan Noon

Forty color-saturated photographs, part of a series undertaken since 2000, trace photographer Gus Powell’s fascination with a series of poems by Frank O’Hara, specifically the poet’s ability to write meaningfully while a full-time employee. Powell took advantage of available moments in his own life — lunch hours and daily commutes — to capture the movements of fellow New Yorkers. Helping to establish the connection between the two artists, O’Hara’s poems are also represented in the exhibition.

Museum of the City of New York
1220 5th Avenue