Exhibition Announcements



Courtesy ISE Cultural Foundation

10.26.07 through 11.23.07
NACRE: Synthesized Space: Part II

Luca Bertini and Marco Antonini’s NACRE is an ongoing project in which data inconsistencies retrieved from the Internet bloom into a mutating, sprawling 3-D structure. Based on the structure of nacre, or “mother-of-pearl”, this chaotic structure is built from hexagonal platelets designed from information collected by a spider (an automatic computer program which crawls the Internet in search of data).

ISE Cultural Foundation
555 Broadway, New York

10.22.07 through 12.01.07
Steven Heller Master Series Award and Exhibition

The School of Visual Arts will honor Steven Heller with the Masters Series Award and retrospective exhibition. He is the author, co-author, and editor of over 100 books on graphic design, illustration, and political art, was an art director at the New York Times for 33 years, and is a columnist for the New York Times Book Review. Heller is also the co-founder and co-chair of the MFA Design Department and co-founder of the MFA Design Criticism Department at SVA.

Over 100 covers of the New York Times Book Review that Heller art directed, and a visual anthology of his major publications, with select volumes available to peruse will be on view. An adjacent video installation will feature interviews with co-authors Mirko Ilic, Lita Talarico, Seymour Chwast, Marshall Arisman, and Gail Anderson about their collaborative process. The centerpiece of the multimedia display will be a larger-than-life photo montage of Heller’s library with recorded commentary about his collection of design ephemera and its role in his research and writing. In a series of video podcasts specially commissioned for the exhibition, Heller will discuss design in the context of popular culture, politics and history.

School of Visual Arts
209 East 23rd Street, New York City

Future City 20 | 21

“The Proposed Chrystie-Forsyth Parkway,” The Regional Plan of New York and its Environs. 1931.

Courtesy The Skyscraper Museum

10.24.07 through 03.08
Future City 20 | 21

A cycle of three exhibitions at The Skyscraper Museum’s Battery Park City gallery will explore connections between the American visions of the skyscraper city of the future in the early 20th century and Chinese cities today, principally Hong Kong and Shanghai. The first installation, New York Modern, highlights the city’s skyscraper visionaries — including Raymond Hood, Harvey Wiley Corbett, Hugh Ferriss — who imagined a metropolis of monumental setback skyscrapers, elevated highways and multi-level transit, and densely populated apartment precincts. On display are photographs, drawings, models, prints, rare books and periodicals, photographs, and film clips. Additional science fiction imagery, futuristic cartoons, and popular films bespeak both the anxieties and exhilaration of the dreams of a high-tech city of tomorrow.

The Skyscraper Museum
39 Battery Place, New York