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Control Group Student Design Awards

Storefront/Control Group Student Design Award 2007.

Courtesy Storefront for Art and Architecture

Through 08.25.07
Storefront/Control Group Student Design Awards 2007

Using streaming technologies, Second Life, Google Earth, and other collaborative platforms, the yearly Storefront/Control Group Award presents selected graduate and undergraduate work and the story behind their designs. This competition was the first in a series intended to bring a broader understanding of architectural thinking and technology to the public. Eighteen architecture schools in the Northeast U.S. submitted the best work of graduate and undergraduate students this year. NY-based winners include Selma Antoine — Jamaica Information, Social & Cultural Exchange Place, CUNY/Undergraduate; Dale Lunan — Virtual Terror Tribunals, Syracuse University/Undergraduate; and Jennifer Chuong — Housefold Dwellings on the Surface, Cornell University / Undergraduate.

Storefront for Art and Architecture
97 Kenmare Street