Convention Provides Interconnected Experience

As the architecture profession continues to make technological advances, so too does the AIA. At this year’s convention, in addition to the Virtual Convention, which was introduced two years ago, there were a number of useful tools that helped keep attendees informed of going- on in New Orleans. Twitter was aflutter, as it was last year, and with the #aia2011 hashtag, anyone could key into discussions, quips, and overall commentary throughout the three days.

At this convention, the AIA 2011 app, created by AppBurst, was introduced. With it, I could look up the schedule of sessions and events; search for speakers and exhibitors; view the Expo floor plan; and follow tweets. For information about architecture around town, I relied on the AIA NOLA app. With the AIA New Orleans Architecture Guide, developed by Sutro Media, I could peruse through a list of buildings; search by date or type; find nearby places of interest according to my location; and look through images. For each listing, there are photos, maps, a description with a brief history, and information on the architect. I could comment, share, or list buildings as a favorite, as well as view websites or other apps related to that building.

Overall, I was constantly connected to happenings, both in person and virtually. In the end, I left New Orleans feeling like I got more out of both the city and the convention than I had in previous years. I’m looking forward to next year in DC, where I hope the interconnectedness will continue to expand and improve.