Bauhaus Off-Broadway


Karen Grenke as Walter Gropius, surrounded by a team of researchers: (R-L) Sandie Luna, Robin Kurtz, Anna Konkle, James “Face” Yu, V. Orion Delwaterman.

Photo by Jonathan Slaff

The Bauhaus movement turned 90-years-old this year. What better way to commemorate its Utopian ideals than to attend a theatrical performance in a 100-year-old former municipal bath house? The Nerve Tank will perform “bauhaus the bauhaus” at The Brooklyn Lyceum on various dates between 10.09.09 and 11.22.09. The performance piece seeks to apply the Bauhaus School’s ideals to contemporary society. Characters include Walter Gropius, Andy Warhol, Henry Ford, and Tom Wolfe. This multi-sensory performance will include direct audience address and video components.