Thoughts on an 80-Year Life – Jordan L. Gruzen, FAIA (1934-2015), IBI Group ▪ Gruzen Samton

To describe a life justly and clearly in a limited verbal narrative illuminates the paradox of framing time past with current memory. Behind large accomplishments one finds large personalities – generally an axiomatic truth, though highly inflected by the individual. Jordan Gruzen loved the physical realm and vigorous activity in it; the operative concept is love. This man cherished life – total immersion! He embraced it with delight, consistently demonstrating the psyche of a cheerful person – one rooted in a teleology of optimism. That optimism centered on beauty; it propelled Jordan’s actions and responses. One could see his excitement percolate when the topics of architecture, New York City, design, business, sailing, painting, sculpture, music, women, and family – especially when his adored wife, Lee, two daughters, Rachel and Georgia, and son, Alex, were broached. All were entry points to the same end – an oncoming possibility of engaging gorgeous splendor. Why wouldn’t one be optimistic if that were how one perceived life; what a blessed way to live? Continue reading “Thoughts on an 80-Year Life – Jordan L. Gruzen, FAIA (1934-2015), IBI Group ▪ Gruzen Samton”