AJAP in New York

“AJAP/Les Albums des Jeunes Architectes et des Paysagistes” is an award given every two years by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication to professionals under 35 in the field of architecture and landscape design. It was created in 1980 by Joseph Belmont, an architect known for his public projects, notably the French Embassy in Japan. Not just a marketing vehicle for the new generation, its larger goal is to facilitate access to public works commissions and to foster dialogue and exposure at the regional and international levels through a traveling exhibition.

The AJAP jury was chaired by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, co-chaired by Frederic Borel, 2010 Grand Prize of Architecture, and by Michel Desvigne, 2011 Grand Prize of City Planning. On 03.28.12, 17 teams (14 architectural and 3 landscape designers) were selected from 240 entries. All but one team already had a built project in its portfolio, perhaps indicating these young designers’ commitment and willingness to take risks. Continue reading “AJAP in New York”