In Memoriam: David l. (Dave) Ginsberg, FAIA (1932-2017)

David L. Ginsberg, FAIA, changed the way healthcare facilities are designed. His groundbreaking body of work, which includes New York’s Presbyterian Hospital where he later established and led the 10-year Modernization Program, introduced concepts such as using service trends and demographics to inform planning decisions as well as creating networks of outpatient clinics to supplement care. Continue reading “In Memoriam: David l. (Dave) Ginsberg, FAIA (1932-2017)”

Resiliency of NYC Hospitals, Post-Sandy

On 02.26.14, a packed Tafel Hall was the setting for “After Sandy: Recovery and Resiliency and NYC’s Hospitals,” which examined the impact of the storm on New York City’s hospitals, how its effects are still being felt 16 months later, and efforts to increase hospitals’ resilience. The storm was a devastating wake-up call for all involved in the operation and design of hospitals in the city, causing the closing of six hospitals and the emergency evacuation of 6,500 patients from hospitals and nursing homes throughout the city. The program took a detailed look at three of the hospitals most impacted by the storm, as well as the response of the city and AIANY through the formation of post-Sandy task forces that made recommendations to increase hospitals’ resiliency against future climate change-driven storms such as Sandy. Continue reading “Resiliency of NYC Hospitals, Post-Sandy”