“Post-Sandy: The Effect on the URBAN” Symposium and Workshop

After Superstorm Sandy, it is more apparent than ever before: we are building back for a disaster-prone future. We must adapt our building habits to reflect this future, as rebuilding to existing standards is no longer sufficient. Leaders from AIANY, AIANJ, and AIACT worked together as part of the AIA Regional Recovery Working Group to organize a full-day symposium and workshop to discuss and develop strategies to enable the rapid and smart recovery needed in the region.

On 07.09.13, Post-Sandy: The Effect on the URBAN Symposium and Workshop, hosted by the New Jersey Institute of Technology, addressed pressing issues in Newark, Hoboken, and Jersey City. The program drew interdisciplinary professionals from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to highlight efforts across the region. The day acted as a forum to share local design and policy initiatives, applied strategies and efforts, and lessons learned; to ignite conversation; and to find creative, practical, and far-reaching recovery solutions that communities can implement in their current planning processes. Continue reading ““Post-Sandy: The Effect on the URBAN” Symposium and Workshop”


On 06.20.13, Shaun Donovan, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Chair of the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, unveiled the “REBUILD BY DESIGN” multi-stage competition at NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge. Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation, spoke about the Foundation’s investment in the competition, and the importance of taking an interdisciplinary, interagency, multi-governmental, and “glocal” approach. She used the term to highlight the importance of collaboration between local and the global—indispensable in a time when changing climate patterns do not acknowledge political divisions. Continue reading ““REBUILD BY DESIGN” Competition”

Crossing the Red Tape: New York Architects Complete Rapid Evaluation Training

When disaster strikes, red tape can prevent progress. Sometimes professionals who would also like to volunteer are discouraged from helping when they are needed most, either because of the lack of a state-level Good Samaritan law or comprehensive post-disaster training. This, however, is changing. The AIA Disaster Assistance Program is helping to revise policy, and in turn has created a more efficient and effective recovery system. The mission: to enable architects to volunteer alongside management officials and provide opportunities to help in disaster-stricken areas.
Continue reading “Crossing the Red Tape: New York Architects Complete Rapid Evaluation Training”