Converging Perspectives: Design at the Heart of Coworking

On 10.07.15, the AIANY Professional Practice Committee’s Transforming Architectural Practice series brought together five thought leaders whose converging perspectives define what is at the crux of coworking: a successful coworking environment must consider many occupant, business, and spatial drivers. Speakers represented different coworking scales. Researcher and Strategist Melissa Marsh, articulated the occupant and business drivers of coworking. Pay Wu, a real estate leader at American Express, considered the applications of coworking in corporate environments. Rosemarie Ryan, who is developing the future of coworking through Co:collective and Grind. Bill Dowzer, a leader at Australia’s BVN Architects, has designed spaces informed by human, environmental, and socio-cultural factors. Moderator Greg Lindsay, a fellow of the New Cities Foundation, investigated new modalities of interaction and connection in the urban context and beyond. Continue reading “Converging Perspectives: Design at the Heart of Coworking”

Coming Together to Bridge the Talent Gap

On Archtober Eve at the Center for Architecture, firm leaders and young talent filled Tafel Hall with exciting conversations about an architectural landscape where these two groups engage and learn from one another to shift hierarchies, people strategies, and core competencies within the profession. A collaboration between the Emerging New York Architects (ENYA) and the Professional Practice Committee, FutureNow: The Talent Gap attracted an audience representing two constituencies: talented, excitingly disruptive young professionals and established practitioners and principals. The program sought to enable a desperately needed conversation between the two. Today, the industry is poised to apply lessons learned from the post-recession talent-gap years to define a new future, new expectations, and new standards for talent,  people, and policy. Continue reading “Coming Together to Bridge the Talent Gap”

Data in the Built Environment: New Sources, New Strategies

On 06.15.15, the AIANY Professional Practice Committee concluded its Spring 2015 Transforming Architectural Practice (TAP) series with a “People’s Choice” session. Months of crowdsourcing ideas, analyzing feedback forms, and polling audiences revealed a key theme of interest: architects work with data every day, but how can data be used to design, measure, and learn from buildings and occupants to improve architectural products? Continue reading “Data in the Built Environment: New Sources, New Strategies”

Be Different: Attract Better Clients and Get Better Prices

On 04.13.15, the Transforming Architectural Practice program hosted Christine Filip, president of Business Development Partners, to discuss how to attract and sustain top clients through strategic differentiation. Structured as a master class, she encouraged the audience to rethink how they and their firms stand apart from competitors. Filip defines strategic differentiation as the process of personalizing business development, giving you better business ears, eyes, and financial results. More importantly, when your words and actions portray the unique benefits you deliver to clients, they have a reason to listen, engage more intimately, deepen the working relationship, and pay premium prices. Continue reading “Be Different: Attract Better Clients and Get Better Prices”