AIA New York State President’s Award: Green is Beautiful

At the AIANYS 2016 Saratoga Design Conference, Bruce S. Fowle, FAIA, LEED AP, recipient of the State Chapter’s 2016 President’s Award, used his time on the podium to preach the critical importance of green design. His remarks follow.

If there is one lesson that I have learned over and over, it is the importance of being informed and prepared. I have often said, and read, that the key to sustainable architecture is not in the bells and whistles – it is the hundreds of nitty-gritty decisions that one makes on any given project. Everyone at the table must be totally on top of the green game. No discussion should occur without the people who can and will make the right – the greenest – choices. That is why my firm, FXFOWLE, has been striving since 2004 to have 100% of our staff, including our support teams, LEED-accredited. Why haven’t we been able to get to 100%? Because we have no choice but to hire staff from offices and schools with no such requirement. It’s very frustrating. We give our new hires six months to take the exam and learn how to talk the talk. Continue reading “AIA New York State President’s Award: Green is Beautiful”