Help the Architecture Center Houston

As we learn more about Hurricane Harvey’s devastating effects on Houston and beyond, AIANY members and our extended community may wonder what they can do to help.

Throughout the storm and in the aftermath, we were in touch with our colleagues at AIA Houston. Sadly, we found out that Hurricane Harvey delivered more than four feet of water and almost total devastation to the Architecture Center Houston, a new space under construction in the historic B.A. Riesner Building in the city’s downtown. The project, led by Houston-based practice Murphy Mears Architects, was just three weeks from completion when the storm hit. Unfortunately, flood mitigation systems had not yet been fully installed. Continue reading “Help the Architecture Center Houston”

Are We Ready for Autonomous Vehicles?

Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology has the potential to create seismic shifts in not only how we transport people and goods, but the basic underpinnings of our society, culture, and economic structure. The combination of autonomous vehicles and connected technologies promises to make streets safer, reduce energy consumption, decrease congestion, and create dramatic changes in where people live, work, and play. Continue reading “Are We Ready for Autonomous Vehicles?”

AIANY Releases Guiding Statements

Last Friday, AIA New York shared a set of position statements to guide us in responding to the policies of the new presidential administration. Following the election, AIANY’s Board of Directors issued a call to members for suggestions on how to best respond to the challenges facing the architectural profession. Overwhelmingly, responses advised the organization to look inward and create foundational tools to refer back to as critical issues arise. Continue reading “AIANY Releases Guiding Statements”

Report from Architects Assembled: AIA New York Community Forum

On 01.05.17, AIANY hosted its first-ever “Architects Assembled: AIA New York Community Forum.” The town hall-style event invited members and architects to the Center for Architecture to share their views on the AIA and their hopes for our chapter. I was pleased to co-host the event with 2017 AIA New York President, David Piscuskas, FAIA and was honored to share the evening with the close to 100 members of our extended community who contributed their responses and thoughtful suggestions. Continue reading “Report from Architects Assembled: AIA New York Community Forum”

Message from the Executive Director: 2016 Elections

At this time when the country is notably divided and exploring many paths forward, AIA New York / Center for Architecture remains dedicated to our core values, which include promoting architecture and cities that are equitable, diverse, resilient, and committed to improving the quality of life in our communities.

Updated 11.15.16: Please note this statement was revised on 11.15.16. Please see AIANY’s current message here

Oculus Evolving

As we continue to prioritize how to enhance our communications channels, we have started to think strategically about Oculus magazine. From its birth as a one-page AIANY membership newsletter in 1938, Oculus has evolved into a quarterly magazine exploring issues relevant to architecture practitioners, circulated to more than 8,000 subscribers. Today, we look forward to this continued evolution as we explore the magazine’s redesign. Continue reading “Oculus Evolving”

Archtober Itinerary

AIANY and Center for Architecture Executive Director, Benjamin Prosky, Assoc. AIA, discusses his picks for Archtober 2016. See more Archtober itineraries by NYC design voices here.

We’re already half way through the month, but there’s still so much more Archtober to experience! This weekend, Archtober partner Open House New York invites New Yorkers into sites around the five boroughs, many of which are often inaccessible. On Saturday, the Center for Architecture will host a drop-in Family Day, where families will build a model city together. I look forward to visiting Lite Brite Neon in the Old American Can Factory, a project on view in our exhibition, Authenticity and Innovation. I also recommend checking out the New York Botanical Garden and the Andrew Freedman Home in The Bronx. This is also a great opportunity to stop by Arthur Avenue and pick up some authentic Italian cannoli. Continue reading “Archtober Itinerary”

Fast Forward

At this time, just after the midpoint of summer, I realize I have now been Executive Director for just over half a year. With the buzz of our summer camps during the day and events in the evening, it feels like time moves very quickly at the Center for Architecture. I want to take this opportunity to share an update of some of the projects that are moving forward. Continue reading “Fast Forward”