Barclays Center: The Deep Roots Beneath Brooklyn’s Game-Changing Arena

There are many big-name performers and fast-paced sporting events that take place at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, the multi-purpose arena at the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues that opened September 2012. Yet the most noteworthy element of this destination isn’t the star power its stadium commands, or even the beauty and functionality of the massive LEED-approved structure designed by SHoP Architects. It’s simply the fact that Barclays Center has done what its detractors swore could not be done: inserted itself into this neighborhood without snarling traffic or disrupting the lifestyles of local residents, providing new energy and life with its programming while working with the existing virtues of this prime location. Continue reading “Barclays Center: The Deep Roots Beneath Brooklyn’s Game-Changing Arena”

Quandaries, Possibilities, and Cityscapes on Celluloid

For four days last week, New York City’s Tribeca Cinemas became home to the fifth season of the Architecture & Design Film Festival, welcoming a diverse cross section of professionals and non-professionals to experience powerful, design-centric, long- and short-form films and exchange in meaningful discourse. Among the highlights of this five-day event – the nation’s largest devoted to the industry – were director Q&As filled with passionate exchanges; explorations of controversies, design practices, and our rapidly shifting world during expert panel discussions; and, of course, the hushed camaraderie of packed, popcorn-fueled film screenings. Continue reading “Quandaries, Possibilities, and Cityscapes on Celluloid”

Three City Pecha Kucha

On 08.01.13, inquisitive design enthusiasts gathered at a trio of AIA spaces – the Center for Architecture in New York, the BSA Space in Boston, and AIA Los Angeles at the Haas Audio Showroom – for a fast-paced, virtual pecha kucha. Presented by cultureNOW, the evening offered rapid-fire presentations on a host of design-related topics and significant projects by 30-plus industry veterans. The event served as a window into the past few months in the lives of 11 international students selected by cultureNOW to travel between these cities and engage great design minds.
This program’s aspiration: create a Museum Without Walls. “Our summer was all about keeping our eyes open, as you can imagine given the wide range of projects presented tonight,” said Blanca Abramek, one of the students participating in the program. Continue reading “Three City Pecha Kucha”