OBL/QUE, A Journal on Critical Conversation published by Harvard GSD, is the winner of the 2017 Douglas Haskell Award for Student Journals.

Announcing the 2017 Douglas Haskell Award for Student Journals Recipient

The Center for Architecture is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2017 Douglas Haskell Award for Student Journals. This year, the Scholarship Committee granted the award to OBL/QUE, A Journal on Critical Conversation, published by the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

OBL/QUE is a student-edited publication recently launched in November of 2016.  The first volume explores modern and contemporary theories of history to provide a contemporary framework for understanding our built environment.  The journal’s mission is to “unleash the potential of conservation in addressing complex contemporary symbolic aspects by recognizing the role of architects in the renegotiating of the past and the making of ‘new’ history.” Read the winning issue of OBL/QUE.

The Scholarship Committee also recognized two journals with Honorable Mentions: Common Ground from Northeastern University and Agora Journal of Urban Planning and Design from the University of Michigan.

Common Ground, features work by students in the School’s Masters of Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Architecture programs. The publication began as a colloquium series in 2015, which laid the groundwork for what has grown into a biannual publication. The theme of the inaugural volume, “Discourse”, “has offered students the opportunity to research the impact that innovative, multi-media strategies for communicating about design can have on their own design tactics.” Read more about Common Ground’s inaugural issue here.

Agora is an annual, student-run, peer-reviewed journal that is edited and produced by a team of graduate students enrolled in Taubman College’s Master of Urban and Regional Planning program at the University of Michigan. Agora, like the other journals that were selected, is deeply rooted in academia but reaches broader audiences through its blog and annual salon program. The eleventh and latest issue of Agora “covers topics such as residential integration, climate adaptation, public space, returning offenders and the future infrastructure, all of which are profoundly affected by the new administration’s urban perspective.” Read more about Agora.

The Douglas Haskell Award for Student Journals was founded to encourage student journalism on architecture, planning and related subjects, and to foster regard for intelligent criticism among future professionals. The award is named for architectural journalist and editor, Douglas Haskell, an editor of Architectural Forum from 1949 to 1964, where he was very influential in stopping the demolition of Grand Central Station. The $2,000 award is granted annually. For more information about the Haskell Award visit our website.

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