AIANY Women in Architecture Offer Advice to Transitioning Designers

Event: Transition 101
Location: Bilotta Showroom, A&D Building, 08.03.11
Organizers: AIANY Women in Architecture Committee
Sponsor: Bilotta

This mentorship event, hosted by the AIANY Women in Architecture Committee (WIA), provided an opportunity for students, recent graduates, and current professionals to learn from practicing architects how to take active steps to better their career opportunities. Following the speed-mentoring model that WIA has come to perfect, attendees circulated throughout tutorial pods for 20-minute sessions with mentors, who reviewed resumés, work experience, and portfolios. Following are tips provided by the mentors throughout the event:

· Resumés should present facts and figures about work and experience. It was agreed that one-line objectives should be included.

· Cover letters give applicants a chance to express their personalities. It’s important to state the position for which you are applying and what you can offer the firm.

· Fonts and styles should always be consistent. Black-and-white reads best.

· Mentors recommended that you have a non-architecture professional review your resumé for feedback.

· If you have experience in fields outside of architecture, mentors agreed that any work experience will attest to dedication and work ethic, and may form a narrative that relates to architecture or design.

· On becoming licensed, mentors said that it is best to start logging IDP hours as soon as you can begin the process (see the NCARB website for more information), now that the Six-Month Rule is in effect.