Through 08.29.09
constant variable — Thomas Navin Architect


Constantly variable.

Thomas Navin Architect

This landscape installation attempts to reflect on the notion of layering, confluence, and interplay. The work gives the illusion that the building has been lifted on pilotis so the front lobby becomes an extension of the outside. Plants will grow and markings on the sidewalk will begin to erode as foot traffic and natural forces cause them to fade, and then disappear.

common room 2
465 Grand Street, NYC

Through 10.09
Julie Farris and Sarah Wayland-Smith: A Clearing in the Streets


Public Art Fund

A 10-sided plywood structure houses a meadow 15 feet in diameter offset by a panoramic interior mural of a vast blue sky. Eight-inch gaps spaced throughout the structure permit controlled visual access — the limited viewing opportunities magnify the natural cyclical processes of the ecology that, over a four-month period, will evolve from seeds and seedlings to a landscape of flowering native plants and grasses.

Collect Pond Park
Leonard Street between Centre and Lafayette Streets, NYC

Through 09.02.09



This group show features an array of computationally experimental art, architecture, and design involving the latest undertakings in digital and algorithmic computing and advanced fabrication. Participants come from both coasts, evoking an east vs. west showdown.

98 Orchard Street, NYC