Through 07.30.09
Deadpan by Steve McQueen


Steve McQueen, Deadpan, 1997.

Courtesy Creative Time and Marian Goodman Gallery

At 44 1/2, Creative Time’s presentation of video art on MTV’s screen in Times Square, the classic video work Deadpan (1997) by Turner Prize-winning artist Steve McQueen is being screened. This slapstick convention, repeated, investigates cinematic conventions and aims to be salient in its media-saturated environment.

Times Square
42nd Street, NYC

Through 08.01.09


A view of the installation at the opening reception.

Storefront for Art and Architecture

This installation creates an interior condition that reacts according to an exterior streetscape, and reasserts an active role in shaping that public space. Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs), a category of metals that change shape according to temperature, offer the possibility of efficient, fluid movement without the mechanized motion of earlier technologies.

Storefront for Art and Architecture
97 Kenmare Street, NYC

Through 07.31.09
Jiri Makovec: Tales from the Island


1 Madison Park” is taken from the penthouse under construction.

Jiri Makovec, courtesy Fragmental Museum

In Jiri Makovec’s fifth exhibition at the Chelsea market, he continues his personal exploration of the urban experience of New York..

Chelsea Market c/o Fragmental Museum
75 9th Avenue, NYC

Through 08.05.09
Design S: Swedish Design Award


Unik Standard 18-drawer cupboard, made from three different grades of Masonite.

Emma Nilsson

The work of recipients of Sweden’s biggest design award is on view focusing on design for sustainable development and addressing issues such as the climate, the environment, the welfare of society, and the long-term quality of life.

Pratt Manhattan Gallery
144 West 14th Street, NYC