In this issue:
· AIA Walks With Greensteps
· Shape of America Project Extends Architecture Dialogue

AIA Walks With Greensteps
The AIA recently launched 12 short video episodes for architects to share with clients who want to plan a new building or renovate an existing one using green building principles. Clients can “get in step with AIA Greenstep,” and explore how to conserve water, use renewable energy, optimize eco-friendly daylighting, and holistically plan a building. Greenstep is the new aspect of the AIA’s “Walk the Walk” marketing campaign to help clients and the public learn more about sustainable design, and demonstrate how architects are providing energy-efficient solutions to help lower carbon footprints. New videos will appear bi-weekly on the Walk the Walk website.

Shape of America Project Extends Architecture Dialogue
The AIA launched its Shape of America project– a series of web-based short films showcasing a selection of the 150 structures chosen by the public as America’s Favorite Architecture. In each short film, AIA architects share insights and anecdotes about the architectural masterworks, in turn encouraging public discussion about the buildings. The website is designed to expand the public dialogue about architecture using interactive features. The site also offers a link to architectural blogs, a film-rating system, and an RSS feed alerting viewers when the site is updated with new material.