08.02.16: At the AIANY Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s “Layered: Data and Representation in Infrastructure and Design,” speakers discussed how data can be accessed and used to inform design decisions and engage in policy discussions. (l-r) Luc Wilson, Associate Principal, Director, KPF Urban Interface; Shannon Mattern, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Media Studies, The New School; Ben Wellington, Ph.D., Quantitative Data Analyst, Two Sigma; Visiting Assistant Professor, City & Regional Planning Program, Pratt Institute.

08.07.16: AIANY Oculus Committee member Miguel Angel Baltierra, Assoc. AIA, interviewed Juliet Kinchin, Architecture and Design curator at the Museum of Modern Art; and David A. Hanks, curator at the Stewart Program for Modern Design, on their contributions to the recently published Partners in Design: Alfred H. Barr Jr. and Philip Johnson.

08.08.16: At the August Oculus Book Talk, FIGMENT team members discussed their recent publication, FIGMENT: What is this? Why is nothing for sale? Why is everyone smiling? (l-r) Jessica Sheridan, AIA, LEED AP, City of Dreams Pavilion Director, FIGMENT NYC; Ben Jones, Producer, FIGMENT NYC; David Koren, Founder, Executive Producer and Executive Director, The FIGMENT Project; Wylie Stecklow,  General Counsel and Board Secretary, The FIGMENT Project; Rae Klein, Finance Director and Board Treasurer, The FIGMENT Project; Carlijn Urlings, Communications Director and Board Member, The FIGMENT Project.