08.03.15: A work-in-progress! A snapshot of our beautiful new floor designed by Andrew Berman Architect. Come see the complete renovation at the opening of our fall exhibition “Un/Fair Use” on 09.10.2015.

08.01.2015: Students and young professionals brought their portfolios to talk with seasoned architects and designers about how to build their career during the “Architecture of a Career Symposium,” organized by nycobaNOMA.  Pictured above: Mark Gardner, AIA; Lenore Kantor; Joan Pelzer; and Anna McGinnis provided tips on self-representation, blogging, award submissions, and job searches.

07.31.2015: The first panel for “Conversations with the Diaspora: A Plenary Discussion,” an afternoon-long forum on the African Perspective organized by the ArchiAfrika Foundation, discussed the role of the diaspora on development in Africa.  (l-r) Judith Aidoo, Harry Robinson, FAIA; Toni Griffin; Victor Body-Lawson, AIA; Mario Gooden, AIA; Anna Abengowe; Mark Raymond; Angela Robinson; and Joe Osae-Addo, Chairman, ArchiAfrika Foundation.

07.23.2015: Architects, artists, activists, planners, and designers from Boston and New York came together for a pecha-kucha-style presentation addressing various frames of reference when approaching global and local built environments. Pictured above: back row (l-r): Jeremy Edmiston; Carol Loewenson, FAIA; Ken Smith, FASLA; Nina Rappaport; Abby Suckle, FAIA; Audrey Matlock, FAIA; Joel Sanders, AIA; James Russell, FAIA; Sylvia Smith, FAIA; Caterina Roiatti, AIA; Emma Fuller; Hana Kassem, AIA; Jeffrey Murphy, AIA; front row: Stephen Cassell, AIA; Adam Yarinsky, FAIA; Elie Gamburg, AIA; Kaitlin Faherty, Assoc. AIA; and Thaddeus Pawlowski.