Residents Rally for Sugar

Don’t Demo Domino

Brooklyn-based band Cheeseburger gets down on the ground to save the Domino Sugar Refinery.

Jonny Leather; Jessica Sheridan

On June 3, community leaders and local rock bands gathered on the Williamsburg waterfront in a benefit “friendraiser” concert to save the historic Domino Sugar Refinery from demolition. Don’t Demo Domino was organized by Act Local in partnership with the Waterfront Preservation Alliance. The complex is about to be rezoned for residential use, and while the organization supports development, it is fighting for a comprehensive preservation program to save the not-yet-landmarked building. The Historic District Council supports saving the complex, calling it “one of the most significant intact industrial sites on the New York waterfront, representing over 150 years of Brooklyn’s industrial past and growth.”

There is still time to sign the petition even if you missed the event. Click here to voice your support.