On View: At the Center for Architecture & About Town

At the Center for Architecture

BROADWAY: 1000 Steps
Through 04.10.13

The Edgeless School: Design for Learning
Through 05.25.13

Building Connections 2012
Through 06.15.13

Upcoming Exhibitions

About Town

Through 03.31.13: The William Holman Gallery presents a large solo exhibition of recent work by Tom Judd. The exhibition features drawings and paintings on canvas that explore the relationship between the modern architecture of Judd’s childhood, including the pink house he grew up in near Salt Late City, and other abandoned modern relics, such as 20th-century houses by Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe, and Richard Neutra. View a catalogue of Judd’s work and a documentary video, titled “Tom Judd Remembers the Future.”

Through 04.20.13: “James Turrell Roden Crater and Autonomous Structures” is at the Pace Gallery. Included are bronze and plaster models of spaces within the crater, as well as photographs of the project by Turrell, including the first known aerial photo of the Roden Crater, taken from the artist’s plane.

Through 05.25.13: ”L’abbraccio (the Hug)” is architect, designer, and artist Gaetano Pesce’s first solo New York exhibition in 25 years. The exhibition at Fred Torres Collaborations in Chelsea focuses on love and empathy, and refers to a cabinet he designed of two people locked in an embrace.

Through 05.18.13: MoMA PS 1, in collaboration with Volkswagen, has set up “VW Dome 2,” a geodesic dome in the Rockaways that will serve as a community gathering space, lecture hall, cinema, and gallery.