New York Meets Prague Functionalism

Though Germany’s Bauhaus and the Dutch De Stijl are renowned the world over as major exponents of European Modernist design, there was a third center of avant-garde architecture that, while equally productive, has not achieved the same level of international recognition: Prague Functionalism. Starting tomorrow, 02.12.15, the Center for Architecture will present the U.S. premiere of the exhibition “Prague Functionalism: Tradition and Contemporary Echoes,” which traces the Czech city’s Modernist architecture from its roots to its influence on current projects. The exhibition presents photographs and drawings of buildings both built and unbuilt, and includes several models of historic and contemporary buildings, along with a to-scale reproduction of a 1930s minimal housing unit.

If you can’t make it to tomorrow’s opening, the exhibition will be on view through 05.23.15. You can also check the Center’s exhibition page for related programming.