Policy Pulse: AIANY Launches New Civic Leadership Program

AIA New York has launched a new initiative to cultivate and train the next generation of civic leaders in our profession. Conceived by the AIANY Emerging New York Architects Committee, the Civic Leadership Program (CLP) will develop an inaugural class of emerging professionals into astute advocates on issues that impact their profession, community, and themselves. Continue reading “Policy Pulse: AIANY Launches New Civic Leadership Program”

Policy Pulse: AIA Releases Disaster Assistance Handbook

As the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches this fall, AIA has released a significantly enhanced version of its Disaster Assistance Handbook that will serve as a go-to resource for architects, built environment professionals, municipal government officials, and emergency managers involved in disaster mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery. The revised handbook also serves as a step-by-step guide for maximizing architects’ unique skills in addressing each phase of the disaster cycle. Continue reading “Policy Pulse: AIA Releases Disaster Assistance Handbook”

Policy Pulse: 300 Architects, Advocates and Leaders Attend AIA Grassroots Conference

Earlier this month, over 300 architects, advocates, and leaders from across the country came to our nation’s capital to say, in one voice: “We are architects. We build your homes, your schools, your hospitals, your offices and your houses of worship. We are concerned.” The context for this great chorus was AIA’s 2017 Grassroots Leadership Conference, this year held on March 8-10, 2017. The annual gathering brings together AIA leaders from chapters and components around the country, allowing members and staff the opportunity to provide input on AIA initiatives, share information and ideas, and agree on best practices with their peers from around the country. It also provides a unique forum for the AIA and its members to speak directly with their representatives in Congress. Continue reading “Policy Pulse: 300 Architects, Advocates and Leaders Attend AIA Grassroots Conference”

Driverless Future Challenge

As widespread adoption of autonomous cars get closer to becoming a reality, so too does the prospect of major change to our build environment. Critical questions remain of how our streets, civic spaces, homes and neighborhoods will transform. For designers, this is a major opportunity to shape the future of the city.

In preparing for this tectonic shift, AIANY and Blank Space, the online architecture platform, are hosting the Driverless Future Challenge, a competition to shape the impact of autonomous transportation in NYC. The focus of the challenge is not on the cars themselves, but everything else: from parking solutions, to mass transit, accessibility, shipping, logistics, software, services, and new uses of roadways, intersections, and sidewalks. Continue reading “Driverless Future Challenge”

Housing Policy: A Closer Look

Earlier this month, AIANY released a series of position statements to create foundational tools to refer back to as critical issues arise at the federal level. In collaboration with AIANY’s Housing Committee, the statement on Housing discussed the role of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the nation’s public housing system, and the impacts of federal polcies on New York City. Building off that work, we’re taking a closer look at the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), one of the most important resources for creating affordable housing in the United States today. Continue reading “Housing Policy: A Closer Look”

Architects Advocate Open Letter to President Trump

Last month, the grassroots coalition Architects Advocate published an open letter to President Trump asking for his support of the design industry’s commitment to addressing climate change. The coalition is inviting firms across to the country to sign the letter and express their support to enact meaningful legislation to mitigate climate change. Continue reading “Architects Advocate Open Letter to President Trump”

Policy Pulse: Design As Protest in NYC

On 01.20.16, the AIANY Diversity and Inclusion Committee hosted the Design as Protest NYC Cypher at the Center for Architecture. As part of a nationwide action on Inauguration Day, the charrette-style event connected activists, community organizers, architects, planners, designers, and artists advocating for social justice in the built environment. Similar workshops were hosted in cities around the country, including Detroit, New Orleans, Chicago, Seattle, Kansas City, Cleveland, and Oakland. Continue reading “Policy Pulse: Design As Protest in NYC”

2017 Policy Look-Ahead

As AIANY begins the New Year, we look ahead to some of the major policy areas and notable events our chapter will be focusing on in 2017. As the representative of more than 5,500 practicing architects, allied professionals, and students, our primary focus remains supporting the future of the profession and allowing communities to benefit from the value of architecture. Through our mission of public outreach and the elevation of the profession of architecture, AIANY continues to be a vocal presence in public debates on policy issues and major projects in New York. Continue reading “2017 Policy Look-Ahead”

New Penn-Farley Complex Revealed

On 12.05.16, AIANY hosted the design and development leaders of the recently announced Moynihan Train Hall, revealing many of the unknown design elements as part of the Pennsylvania Station-Farley Complex. Architects from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) and Michael Evans, president of the Moynihan Station Development Corporation (MSDC), were on hand at the Center for Architecture, presenting to a packed house eager to hear more about the much-anticipated project.  Continue reading “New Penn-Farley Complex Revealed”