Architecture for Humanity Sets Up Haiti Relief Effort

On 01.12.10 a powerful 7.0 quake hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This was followed by more than 30+ strong aftershocks. There has been widespread major damage and a loss of life estimated to be in the tens of thousands. There are projections of 2-3 million residents without shelter.

Architecture for Humanity will soon start exploring specific opportunities for rebuilding projects in cooperation with its partners on the ground. In the meantime, it has launched a fundraising appeal to support this long term reconstruction effort.

In its reconstruction plan, Architecture for Humanity has outlined several phases: Pre-Planning Assessments and Damage Analysis (underway, will run for a year); Establish Community Resource Center and Reconstruction Studio (Week 6 to Month 3); Sorting Out Land Tenure and Building Ownership (Month 6 to Year 5); Transitional Shelters, Health Clinics and Community Structures (Month 6 to Year 2); Schools, Hospitals and Civic Structures (Month 9 to Year 3); and Permanent Housing (Year 1 to Year 5). To get involved, click here.