An Answer to Summertime Blues

Water Taxi Beach

The Water Taxi Beach.

Jessica Sheridan

I have just returned from vacation, so I thought I’d stay in my eased frame of mind and recommend a great location to retreat from the city without leaving it completely. The Water Taxi Beach is located in Long Island City across from midtown Manhattan. A short ferry ride from 34th Street, the beach offers sand, cocktails, picnic benches, beach volleyball court, and, most importantly, amazing views of the east side of Manhattan.

When I visited last week, I was surprised to find the beach relatively empty — something that is rare for a NYC beach in August. The sun was setting, music was playing, the neon palm tree was glowing… I could see Manhattan (a place where I find that if I don’t leave occasionally I get swallowed up by the hustle-and-bustle), yet the relaxed atmosphere allowed me to feel removed from the noise. Even so, I could still enjoy the beauty of the skyline as the sun went down and the lights turned on.

The Water Taxi Beach, founded and operated by New York Water Taxi, is open through Columbus Day, so there is still plenty of time to enjoy. If you choose not to take the water taxi, the beach can also be reached by subway, LIRR, bike, walking, or by car. Check the website for days and hours of operation.