09.10.07 Submission: AIANJ Design Awards
AIANJ’s Design Awards Program recognizes architectural projects that exhibit design excellence. The program is open to AIA members only, and non-NJ-based architects may only submit projects located in NJ. Honor and merit awards will be presented for built and unbuilt projects, and sustainable and high performance projects may also be acknowledged. Winners will be announced at the AIANJ Design Conference 09.20.07, and awards will be presented at an awards ceremony 01.12.08.

10.30.07 Submission: The Buckminster Fuller Challenge
Established to catalyze the vanguard of a global design revolution, the Challenge awards a single $100,000 prize to support the development and implementation to solve the world’s most pressing problems in the shortest possible time while enhancing the Earth’s ecological integrity. This way of working, Fuller often referred to as the “trimtab principle,” or doing more with less.