Through 12.31.08
The Ambient Texture of Urbana

The Ambient Texture of Urbana.

Lisa-Thi Beskar

NYC plays the role of muse, landscape, backdrop, and physical material for artworks in this exhibition, sited in a Lower Eastside hair salon. It features work from local artists Simon Scott, Ryan Spoto, and Christi Shingara. Simon Scott presents limited edition prints from his “Hip Shots Series,” which explores the grittiness of NY. Spoto presents collage paintings, incorporating newsprint clippings, sentimental imagery, and mixed media. Shingara displays photographs exemplifying her passion for music and the iconography of the urban cityscape.

Enve Beauty Lounge
121 Ludlow Street

12.11.09 through 1.31.09
Josef Schulz: Form

“Form 9” by Josef Schulz.

Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery

Josef Schulz’s first U.S. solo exhibition is of large-scale color photographs. The works show traditional analogue photographs of halls, factories, and storage facilities taken with a large-format camera. Images of common, mass-produced, industrial structures are then stripped of any individualizing elements through digital manipulation. Void of logos, signs of aging or wear, and practical architectural elements such as doors and windows, the utilitarian buildings become idealized versions of their original design concepts, without context or scale.

Yossi Milo Gallery
525 West 25th Street

12.11.09 through 4.12.09
Growing and Greening New York: PlaNYC and the Future of the City

Growing and Greening New York.

Courtesy Museum of the City of New York

Organized in terms of a typical day in the life of a New Yorker, the exhibition will explore the six areas addressed by PlaNYC: water; transportation; energy; open space; land; and climate change. The exhibition will feature architectural models, interactive displays, diagrams, renderings, photographs, hands-on examples of new materials, videos, and more including projects such as Via Verde by Phipps Rose Dattner Grimshaw.

Museum of the City of New York
1220 5th Avenue